Vission, Mission, Objectives and Core Values


A Pioneering Faculty that provides distinguished Legal Education through a Smart and Sustainable Learning Environment.


Providing an educational environment that deepens legal knowledge and encourages critical thinking and creativity in order to prepare distinguished legal cadres scientifically and practically that contribute to the consolidation of the concept of justice and the rule of law, also stimulate legal research to enrich and develop education together with legal research through law education according to an analytical and critical approach that balances the requirements for knowledge of legal theories, Jurisprudence opinions and judicial trends in one hand and between responding to the continuous developments at both local and global levels to meet the needs of the evolving society in other hand.



  1. Providing opportunities for higher education and specialization in legal sciences to provide society with legal cadres capable of practicing various legal professions.
  2. Contributing to the development of the legal knowledge by carrying out and encouraging scientific research, whether by faculty members or the students in the faculty, and employing it in solving the problems and development issues within the framework of a smart learning environment that relies on sustainable knowledge.
  3. Building the student’s personality in its various dimensions according to the Arab and Islamic values system without compromising the global cultural diversity, emphasizing the methodology of scientific thinking, initiative, a sense of responsibility and consolidating the values of national belonging, the value of work and the importance of public service.
  4. Continuing to develop program plans and descriptions of materials to meet the requirements of developing legal work at the local and global levels.
  5. Continue to create and develop postgraduate programs in various law specializations in line with the needs of the local and regional labor market.
  6. Recruiting elite faculty members with distinguished scientific and professional experience and competence.
  7. Equipping the student with the knowledge and skills necessary to carry out works related to his/her specialization through advanced theoretical education linked to the development of necessary practical skills .
  8. Serving the community, contributing to its development and solving its problems through holding training courses for employees in various judicial institutions and providing specialized experience and counseling with regard to practical aspects.


Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Belonging and Citizenship
  • Diversity
  • Sٍocial Responsibility
  • Participatory
  • Justice
  • Accountability
  • Role models
  • Efficiency

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