Judge Musa Saket Mock Trial Hall

Purpose of Establishment


In a generous initiative launched by and sponsored by Musa Saket Cultural Center, Judge Musa Saket Mock Trial Hall was established on August 17, 2011. The initiative aims to promote the practical side of the law program at the Faculty of Law and highlight the role of student legal character in official courts. Mock trial is an applied model of actual trails, which are held by the judiciary bodies. Students presence and various role-playing, such as judges, defense counsel and the public prosecutor, in the presence of students entrench the notions of justice and establish the concept of public court hearings. The Mock Trial Hall has been named after the late Judge Musa Saket, former president of the judicial authority, who served in the judiciary for more than fifty years. The late Mr. Saket was one of the most prominent Jordanian judiciary officials who made extraordinary efforts in the service of truth and justice.



Nature of Work within Moot Courts


A schedule for student attendance is prepared by faculty members who teach the courses that require real life practice, such as: Civil Procedure Law, Criminal Procedure Code, Penal Code and administrative courts. Students perform the roles assigned to them by the supervisors. In order to achieve an optimal level of training on trials, the most important legal cases that were presented to the various courts in the Kingdom are prepared and re-presented in the mock trial experience with the help of professor judges and lawyers at the Faculty of Law. Marks as part of the credit hours of the course are allocated for performing the mock trial roles by the students in order to stimulate them to compete in mastering judicial roles.



Items available at the courtroom


  • Raised desk for judges.
  • Dock.
  • Stands for the accused defense and for the public prosecution.
  • Attendance seats..
  • Data Show.

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